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Manufacturing from start to finish

We are a global fashion bag manufacturer, with high quality ready-to-wear products and top-notch consulting services.

What we offer:
Ready to wear fashion bags and backpacks
fashion bags and backpack manufacturing
design and development
sample creation and evaluation

Our portfolio

Classical Feel With Materials Built On 100 Years Of History Builford, a “luxury vintage brand,” offers products made with wax canvas material, a material that’s been made the same way for a hundred years.

HERITAGE-MADE UTILITARIAN BAGS, AS CARRIED ON FIFTH AVENUE. The John Peters New York’s design set the stage for industry standards and are copied by every fashion house in the world!

Using industrial-grade fabric and recycled material, we make beautiful, eco-friendly fashion bags that everyone can love, and feel good about!

ULTIMEIK is a fashion bag label rooted in contemporary culture.Takes its initial inspiration from the heritage designs of John Peters, a pioneer of backpack development in the 1980s;

Drilleys has ethics and sustainability bred into its core. Using environmentally friendly materials such as jute and organic cotton, and provide jobs to artisans who handcraft these bags and work in line with fair labor laws.

Chief Editor

At WKS Global, we are ceaselessly working to help our customers enrich, express, and enjoy their lives through fashion. We seek to pioneer the future through creation and risk-taking, in collaboration with our partners.
We strive to satisfy customers and commit ourselves thoroughly to fulfill our promises to both partners and customers.
We have collaborated with partners all over the world, including Europe, the U.S., and Asia company to develop valuable brands. We act as messengers to these partners to ensure the products we sell reflect our customers’ needs.
In recent years, many European and American brands have looked to South Korea for inspiration, as it is a hub of creative design that more and more customers are interested in. As such, we are an integral part of many collaborations and designs.
Our mission is remain strong in our commitment to history and tradition, while still maintaining a high level of responsiveness to our consumers and keep our products at once vintage and dynamic.



The Builford Urban Backpack, along with our Cuspy Carry-On, is often reviewed as having the most modern concept design of all our backpacks.


The Enta Messenger Bag is a compact bag perfect for those who only require the minimum amount of space to carry the essential valuables, such as phones and wallets


Johnpeters backpack provides a durable campus companion and a convenient carrier for notebooks, textbooks and other essential supplies.


Johnpeters Messenger bag provides a durable campus companion and a convenient carrier for notebooks, textbooks and other essential supplies.


Using Industrial fabric, stocks of fabric and recycle material, we make beautiful fashion item can be loved by people. and we dedicate to the world.


We define every functional as the combination of durable material and efficient usable spaces that help to keep you organized while protecting your treasures during the daily journeys that define your life.



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Builford Explorer rucksack feat in Money Heist – Joint Economic Area

MUST HAVE BACKPACK IN NETFLIX DRAMA MONEY HEIST – Joint Economic Area “MUST HAVE BACKPACK IN NETFLIX DRAMA MONEY HEIST” is currently being broadcasted in Netflix, in which “The Professor” (Yoo Ji-tae) is in the leading roles. In the drama, “The Professor” (Yoo Ji-tae) often wear big rucksack for motor cycle bag. and many people is interested…