Backpack and Handbag Sample Creation

A key tool in the path of development and design

Our experience and skill, your design

Our WKS Factory strives to provide our clients with excellent customer service, and superior attention to detail on every piece. Our dedicated team can bring to life a sample of any concept bag design. We are committed to treat each project with the utmost respect, using a hands-on and direct communication approach so you always receive the best product possible.

To begin the sample creation process, simply e-mail your design sketches or tech packs to We will review and e-mail you back shortly with a formal estimate.  To ensure a quicker return on the estimate, please make sure you include the following information when contacting us:



*Front, Back, Side and Interior views

*Detailed Dimensions and specifications.

*Additional details, such as pockets, handles, straps etc.

*Any Reference photos or other sketches with details to best communicate your vision.

Please note, in most cases our elite handbag sample creation team can work off most hand sketches if you cannot provide us with a black line computerized drawing, or professional “tech pack”.

After we receive this information, we will schedule a time for you to speak with our sample creation team directly, where we will review your sketches and confirm our understanding of your vision. We will then prepare a formal price quote , comprising of the total labor required to cut, sew, and assemble one final sample of your original custom handbag. The quote will not include materials and hardware, but does include fillers (to give the bag stability) as well as thread and adhesives. You are welcome to provide materials, or purchase components directly from our stock. If you need help sourcing material and hardware you are welcome to purchase a sourcing or consulting package from us. The cost of materials depends very much on your design and quantity, which is why we don’t provide this as part of the sample creation quote.

Our creation lead times vary on our current schedule. When you receive the initial price quote, we will also include the lead time based on our current schedule so you can accurately make your planning.

After your samples are developed, we will also provide you with production pricing as well as the estimated consumption figures so you can start manufacturing right away.