Just The Right Size, With Just The Right Team

Established in Seoul, 2005, WKS Global has been a source of inspiration and information for many fashion distribution companies, from start-ups to established designer brands. It was founded by Mr. Ji-Hyub Kim and is now a joint-venture with a Singaporean company.

Our team is composed of both talented craftsmen and brilliant designers, with full experience and knowledge to get you on the right path. With boundless resources and experience, we truly understand the struggle to get a new brand out of your head and into the market. WKS Global is perfect for those who are looking to produce cutting-edge fashion bags. As a new brand, you need a distribution/manufacturing company that can grow as fast as you need it. WKS Global is great for new brands that are starting with limited production — but like you, that’s not where we stop. We can also manufacture large quantities quickly and effectively to serve rapidly growing designers.

But that’s not to say we only work with start-ups. Larger, more established brands also thrive when using our services. Small enough to be agile, WKS can quickly adjust to sudden changes, unlike larger offshore manufacturers, and yet it’s still large enough to handle production orders of any item, in quality and quantity. We like to say that we are a small business with big business capabilities.


Roll Top Safari Backpack / Navy Grid


Weekend Duffle Bag / Brush Brown

The main WKS factory is located in Seoul, South Korea. All of our local vendors and partners are within the area, joining with our numerous international partners spread across Korea, the USA, Europe, and Asia. With this kind of strong global presence, our team has access to the parts and materials that designers dream of. This sort of flexibility and resourcing has allowed us to thrive in today’s market, especially as a relatively small business.

Furthermore, our production capabilities and quality control are equipped to meet the highest of expectations regardless the material of the goods, including exotic materials. We specialize in high-end luxury goods, and with designers and sample-makers always on hand, no other factory is faster, more consistent, or more reliable with the same quality of service that we provide. Contact Us today to get started!